Skin type:
Suitable to normal to dry skin and ideal for skin that is ageing prematurely

 • Provides radiant skin
 • Cleanses the skin of impurities
 • Provides hydration and a lustrous glow to the skin
 • A revolutionary and innovative product

Gold Core Mask

Product description

Radiant and healthy-looking skin is revealed with the Seacret Gold Core Dual Action Mask. The mask contains 24-carat gold that promotes radiance. 

Key ingredients

Dead Sea Mud – Deeply nourishing minerals perfect for relieving dryness or irritation
Olive Oil – Skin softening qualities
It also contains chamomile, grape seed oil and 24-carat gold

How to use

Cleanse the face thoroughly and spread a thick layer of the mask over the skin while avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave for up to three minutes. Cover the magnet provided in facial tissue and run it across the surface of the skin without actually touching the skin until the bulk of the mask is removed. This will reveal a layer of gold. Leave this layer for another three minutes before rinsing with warm water.