What is the Source of SEACRET’s Skincare Range?

The enduring relevance of ancient wisdom about minerals and skin health underpins the science behind SEACRET’s skincare solutions. Central to these solutions are the chemical traits of the minerals, salts, and mud that we find in the Dead Sea and its environment. What makes Dead Sea minerals so good for the skin? Quite simply, the Dead Sea, due to its low altitude and landlocked location, is an environment in which one finds very concentrated stocks of minerals that have been said to contribute to the health of the skin. Extracted directly from the original source, the minerals, and other first-rate natural elements found in SEACRET’s skincare product range can provide all the nourishing and hydrating effects the skin requires.

The History of the SEACRET Brand

SEACRET was established in the first decade of the 21st century. The motivation in founding the Israeli company, was the shared desire of the founders to make the wonderful properties of Dead Sea skincare solutions available to customers all around the world. Having grown very quickly during its initial years, SEACRET was further strengthened when fresh approaches to marketing led to significant increases in sales, mainly due to market expansion. As the company continued to develop, and its products became ever more famous, a new marketing ethos took shape. Aptly described as “relationship marketing,” this innovative ethical method is centered on the core principles of promoting personal growth, encouraging an optimistic perspective and enhancing the company’s capacity to improve the lives of individuals.

Skin Health from a Pure SourceMiniral mud from the dead sea

Setting itself apart from cosmetic companies whose marketing is based on hype and overstatement, SEACRET grounds its ethos in the belief that its products should mirror the purity of their Dead Sea sources. This commitment to purity is not confined to excellent products, SEACRET also prioritizes good, long-term connection with its customers. Carefully produced by expert chemists using cutting-edge techniques, SEACRET’s products reach the customer with an honest promise to bring out and benefit each user’s unique beauty. The company’s determined refusal to allow animal testing further highlights its dedication to the highest standards in moral as well as technical terms.

An Open Secret

As customers use SEACRET products, they benefit more and more as they learn about different products and their specific uses. The products available cover an extremely wide range, including salt scrubs, moisturizing creams, face-restoration serum, cleansing milk and mud-therapy products. The vital facts about each range can be found on the SEACRET website, together with advice on how to maximize benefits, and absorbing information about the active ingredients and their particular advantages for skincare. Throughout the SEACRET range, one will find natural and innovative products that could potentially assist the skin, help in undoing damage caused by air pollution and soothe the skin. Now there’s a SEACRET to share with everyone!

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